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What is Background footage?


By Nik Janezic, a student at Virginia Tech.

Yeah, one of the background footages required us to like, film with a keg. We could not get a keg. So, we found the next-best thing. Like, the beer trucks with the logos on them. So, we had a mustang, Mustangs are awesome. We put the top down and rode past it in 40 degree weather, which was not fun. And just, we had a guy driving and me, like just "awesome, beer!"

Another part of the background footage was simply, just body language acting. I worked with another guy. We pretended to be typical college students. Like, we don't even have to pretend. I am a typical college student.

He acted like he had a camera and he was just filming me. Then, I would film him with a camera. And we did that in a gym. Like, he had a camera, I had a camera.

Since the background footage, you don't really get like the vocals of myself or my partner, You just got to pretend like you are talking. So, that was kind of hard... to just pretend to converse with someone and make it look like you are actually conversing. So, I like Michael Vick, so I tried to incorporate that any way I could.