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We Help Students Get Famous Fast

After you hold a shoot with Totally Ripped, you qualify for a free professional publicity service worth more than $2000. The service can do an excellent job at making you famous fast. Our staffer has more than eight years working in a public relations office and is skilled at building publicity for individuals and companies. Past students have become instantly famous on the Internet such as Ryan Maciorski, who was mentioned by ABC News and several prominent blogs.

There is more to becoming a model than simply having nice pictures. You need to have those photos distributed to influential news sources and "get your name out there." Getting people to know your name is called "name awareness" and is key to getting your career started.

You may wrongly assume you need to find one key person who will get your career started. Wrong. That's so 1993. These days, it is all about creating a buzz for your personal "brand." To learn what a personal brand is, read Build Your Personal Brand. Just like Hollywood Celebrities who have their own publicist, we attempt to build a "buzz" for models and actors after they hold a shoot with us.

What We Do

We create and edit a video-taped interview of you in which we ask you about topics you know about. This gives an insight to your personality and helps your photos "come alive."

We work with you after the shoot to choose the best photos.

We distribute the best photo selections and your edited video interview along with a link to your Campus Men page to news sources in your hometown, as well as hundreds of blogs that feature male models.

We forward any reporters who want to interview you and assist you with answering questions to push your unique message.

We work with you to discover anything about you that is "newsworthy" and help you capitalize on this. Each guy has different aspects that make him newsworthy. A student named Tommie was a certified personal trainer. So, we assisted him in making himself available to local TV stations in his hometown to give advice on camera on how to lose weight for those viewers seeking to establish new year's resolutions. (The photos he created with us helped him get noticed by the TV stations, who called him after receiving his photos.)

Why We Offer This Services Free

The service benefits both of us. You build name awareness -and our photographs and videos get seen by more people.

How to Qualify

  • You must register as a Campus Man, upload a photo that includes your face and complete your profile.
  • You must hold a photo shoot with Totally Ripped Photography and film a video-taped interview before or after the still shoot.
  • You must act in a professional manner before the shoot, which includes getting adequate sleep and not ruining your hair with a bad cut prior to arriving. For example, if you arrive in Los Angeles and go out to a bar the night before your shoot (so that your face appears sleepy or hung-over), we will not work with you.


Publicity is what you make of it. It can be worth thousands of dollars or be worthless. After we generate publicity for you, it is your responsibility to evaluate any offers you receive from being seen by hundreds of thousands of people, and make good career decisions. We do not act as your agent or negotiate for you in any way. Our sole responsibility is to attempt to promote you and build name awareness.