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How to Do Non-Job Video Interviews

When starting, wait 3 seconds after pressing record. Speaking too close to the beginning of the video makes the video difficult to edit.

You can greatly improve the quality of your video interview by NOT holding the video camera in your hands. Do not shake the camera by holding it. Act like the camera is filled with nitroglycerine. Set the camera on something before you start speaking.

When interviewing another person on video (especially online videos), it should be all about the other person talking, not you. You should be behind the camera, and not appear in the video.

Because you are likely not using the most expensive sound equipment, try to remain silent as much as possible after you finish asking your question. Don't speak while the other person is talking. This makes it difficult for the viewer to hear what is being said.

Do not say uh-huh or yes or ums. People want to hear the other person speaking, NOT you.

This is doubly true if you are using an on-camera microphone. If you are not using a separate microphone that is separate from the camera, be as silent as if a serial killer was in the next room searching for you. Be quiet!

Ask a question. Then get your person to wait one second before answering. The best way to do this if you are not appearing in the video is to hold a finger while you ask the question, then lower your finger after you are done asking. Tell the other person to answer when you finger is down. The short pause can be edited out later, but greatly improves the quality of a video by preventing the answer from overlapping the question.

It is easy to get in a hurry or be nervous and want to rush to speak. Avoid this. There is 60 minutes on your tape and an editor will edit your video to make it flow quicker without pauses. So, there is no reason to be in a hurry.