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How To Impress Girls

By Jason Redding, a graduate of The Ohio State University.

Impressing girls is a crucial aspect one needs to understand when investing into their social capital. Social capital can be anything from an on-line social network, job interviews, and importantly - women!

Impressing girls can be hard if you make it that way. The guys who screw up are the ones who just try too damn hard. Girls want to meet the real you, even if you are qwerky, shy; they respect the real you! Why do you always see so many good looking girls with a guy you may feel is a dork? It's because that guy probably is just down to earth and keeps it real. If you believe that you have what it takes to instill a good impression with the ladies, then you are the type of student who would do well as a Campus Man and use your new found status to impress girls on your campus.

Every guy on campus wants to meet (and impress) the hottest babes his school has to offer. Every guy also wants to tap that hot ass those girls have to offer. To get a jump on the competition, you need to become a Campus Man so those girls will be looking your way and not at other guys. Create a Campus Men profile, and then be ready to get your Pimp Game on. Being a Campus Man helps you get with the hotties because you become unique from other guys. Best of all, it costs you nothing. You can encourage the girls you already know to share the tips you add to the site with their friends - and have an excuse to talk to the girls you don't yet know. This is because girls can help you by "liking" the tips you add to the site using the site's Self-Publishing Tool. Now, how Pimp is that? Create a Campus Men profile and stick out from other dudes!